Our Bees, Honey & Hives...

As part of our commitment, here at Pearce Family Farms, to promoting the care and protection of nature, we have allocated one of our large fields solely to the benefit of our local bees and insects.

Whilst deliberately allowing the field to grow into a flowering, natural condition, we maintain a number of beehives on the plot in order to provide a safe and wholly native environment for the bees to gather nectar and produce 100% natural local honey.

The fields assigned for the bees is directly adjacent to the Pearce Family Farm House. As you'll see, the field is swathed in blue.

Chicory, the blue flower that you see in the pictures, is a fabulous pollinator. The blossoms of all chicory plants are eagerly worked by the bees for pollen and nectar. It is considered to be a 'honey plant' due to its incredible benefit to the bees.

Chicory attracts a variety of pollinating insects including bees, who love it.  The flat, simple structure of the flower heads are easy for the bees to feed on whilst the colour and natural scent are easy to detect.

Once the bees have gathered their fill of pollen and nectar, they return to their hives, which are situated in another designated plot on our farm.

The area around the beehives is deliberately kept in an overgrown, natural state for the bees.

Our resident apiarist tends to the hives all year round, ensuring that the bees are happy and kept in tip-top condition.

The bee-keeper then collects the honey during late August / early September ready to be put into jars and labelled.

Direct from field to your table – it doesn't get fresher than that!

We not only produce honey from the bees but also pure bee-wax candles too!

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