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Christmas Free Range Turkey

£12.70 - £14.50 / per kg

The tradition of eating turkey for a British Christmas dinner was reputedly started by Henry VIII, but it was only in the mid-twentieth century that the turkey overtook the goose as the most popular meat for the Christmas table.Our turkeys are free-range and reared in accordance with the strict welfare standards of the Traditional Farm Fresh Turkey Association. The turkeys arrive on our farm at just three weeks old and stay for the rest of their lives. They happily roam in the meadow during the day and are housed in a spacious barn at night. They are fed only high quality cereal with no antibiotics, growth additives or any other drugs. The birds are reared slowly – as well as giving them a longer life this means the meat is tastier. They are dry-plucked and allowed to hang and mature for at least 7 days to enhance keeping quality and make them succulent.

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Free Range Turkeys (pre-order for Thanks Giving & Christmas 2021)

At Christmas time you are spoiled for the choice of turkeys that are available. But if you are looking for a bird that is tasty, succulent, locally produced and reared to the highest welfare standards you should look no further than the Pearce Family turkeys.

Pearce Family Turkeys also offers the option of a turkey crown with butchered legs and thighs. The legs and thighs will be separately packaged for even more delicious cooking and eating! A crown is perfect if you have fewer people to feed or guests who all like white meat.

The other advantages to a crown are that it will cook quickly and should fit in any oven – and your roasting tin.

In addition, we are also offering the usual turkey crown along with the butchered thighs prepared in a light marinade sauce. The recipe and cooking is being done by a local celebrity chef. The thighs will be vacuum packed for ease of storage.

Weight and Pricing

All weights stated are the oven-ready weight including giblets. Each turkey is carefully wrapped and packaged in a presentation box, with cooking instructions and menu suggestions. We are happy to take trade and group orders, and our boxed turkeys make ideal corporate and employee gifts.

Weight (lbs)Price per lbWeight (kg)Price per kg
9 - 13£6.593.5 - 5.9£14.50
13¼ - 15¼£6.146.0 - 6.9£13.50
15½ - 21¾£5.917.0 - 9.9£13

For Larger Turkeys Maximum Price is £165

How To Order

Due to Pearce Family Turkeys attention to additional safety measures at this time and therefore trying to ensure that the majority of payments stay within contactless debit/credit card limits, a £45 deposit is required to confirm your order. You only pay one deposit if you are ordering multiple products. We will call you, usually within 48 hours to take the deposit and confirm your order. You will then receive a confirmation email with a map and reminder of the collection times.

Please click on the ‘ORDER NOW’ link above and it will take you to the order form.


Collection dates are Thursday 23rd December 6am to 6pm or Friday 24th December 6am to 12 Midday. Your Order will be ready to collect direct from our farm in Stoke Mandeville: Moat Farm Marsh Lane Stoke Mandeville HP22 5UZ Pearce Family Turkeys are also now available from Buckmoorend Farm Shop at Butlers Cross just south of Aylesbury.