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Free Range Geese

Although a roast turkey is now seen as the traditional Christmas dinner, historically roast goose would have been the dish of choice. They were easy to keep as they grazed to forage for their feed and were resistant to bad weather and disease. Our free range geese are priced at a fixed price of £75 per bird and weighs approximately 5.5kg which serves up to 8 persons.

Free Range Geese (pre-order for Christmas 2021)

Although turkeys were brought into Western Europe from Mexico as long ago as the 1600s, they were expensive due to their higher feed costs and labour requirement, and it took another couple of centuries before they would start to gain popularity. Whilst turkey is now the most popular choice for Christmas dinner, goose is making a come-back and you can buy yours from Pearce Family Turkeys, where we rear and fatten them on our farm. Free range geese roam in the meadow and swim in the pond during the day and are housed in a spacious barn at night. As with our turkeys the geese are free-range and reared under strict welfare standards. The gosling’s arrive on our farm at just three weeks old and stay for the rest of their lives. The birds are reared slowly – as well as giving them a longer life this means the meat is tastier. They are dry-plucked and allowed to hang and mature for at least 7 days to enhance flavour and succulence providing the best possible flavour.

Weight and Pricing

Our free range geese are priced at a fixed price of £75 per birds and weighs approximately 5.5kg which serves up to 8 persons.

How To Order

Due to Pearce Family Turkeys attention to additional safety measures at this time and therefore trying to ensure that the majority of payments stay within contactless debit/credit card limits, a £45 deposit is required to confirm your order. You only pay one deposit if you are ordering multiple products. We will call you, usually within 48 hours to take the deposit and confirm your order. You will then receive a confirmation email with a map and reminder of the collection times.

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Collection dates are Wednesday 23rd December 6am to 6pm or Thursday 24th December 6am to 12 Midday.

Your Order will be ready to collect direct from our farm in Stoke Mandeville:

Moat Farm
Marsh Lane
Stoke Mandeville
HP22 5UZ

Pearce Family Turkeys are also now available from Buckmoorend Farm Shop at Butlers Cross just south of Aylesbury.