Turkeys for Thanksgiving

Illustrative image of a roast turkey at the Thanksgiving table

Eating turkey for the American celebration of Thanksgiving has become a tradition, although no-one is quite sure of its origin. Some think wild turkey was on the menu at the first Thanksgiving when colonists shared a meal with the Wampanoag Indians. Others attribute it to the early American settlers, who wanted to continue the English tradition of eating roast goose at harvest festival. However, as wild turkeys were more abundant in America and easier to rear than goose, turkey was adopted for the Thanksgiving celebrations.

Our turkeys are free-range and reared in accordance with the strict welfare standards of the Traditional Farm Fresh Turkey Association. The turkeys arrive on our farm at just three weeks old and stay for the rest of their lives. They happily roam in the meadow during the day and are housed in a spacious barn at night. They are fed only high quality cereal with no antibiotics, growth additives or any other drugs. The birds are reared slowly – as well as giving them a longer life this means the meat is tastier. They are dry-plucked and allowed to hang and mature for at least 7 days to enhance keeping quality and make them succulent.

Pearce Family Turkeys will offer the perfect choice for your Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey orders are now being taken for Thanksgiving 2017, which is on Friday 24th November this year. Order your turkey any time up to Friday 17th November and it will be ready for you to collect any day in the week commencing 20th November between 8am and 6pm.

Once you have ordered your turkey you will receive a confirmation card with a map and a reminder of the collection times. We aim to confirm all online orders within 48 hours. We will need your home address, email address and phone number. We do not require a deposit.

All weights stated are the oven-ready weight including giblets. Each turkey is carefully wrapped and packaged in a presentation box, with cooking instructions and menu suggestions. We are happy to take trade and group orders, and our boxed turkeys make ideal corporate and employee gifts.

Your Thanksgiving turkey will be ready to collect direct from our farm in Stoke Mandeville during the week commencing 20th November:

Moat Farm
Marsh Lane
Stoke Mandeville
HP22 5UZ

We will be open from 8am to 6pm . There is plenty of parking, so collection will be fast and easy!


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